So here we go…

Well, I lost my job. Awesome. So seeing as today is my first true day of unemployment, I decided to do the smart thing and start a blog. Sort of like updating my resume or searching for a job only far, far less beneficial. I would tell you what this blog will focus on but that would be tough, seeing as I had the idea to start doing this 4 minutes ago.  Let’s call it a grab bag and leave it at that.

So down to business. Losing your job sucks. Losing your job after college is like waking up at 7am to a midget punching you in the balls. Every day. Forever.  I’ve had the tremendous opportunity to lose my job twice in the last 3 months. That’s like two midgets. Fuck me in the ass.

But it’s not all terrible. I picked a phenomenal day to begin unemployment- Opening Day.  I’d like to tell you that I planned this, but if I was smart enough to hatch that plan, then I’d probably still be employed.   So I’m spending my day watching the Phillies, the Tiger press conference and going on Youtube. AND there’s a two-hour 24 on tonight before the NCAA Championship game. Unemployed is the LIFE FOR ME! I feel like P Diddy.

But today is Day 1. Of both baseball and unemployment season. What’s in store for Day 2 and on?  Well that’s the subject of our next post…Also I say “our” because “my” sounds lonely and arrogant, even though there’s only one person writing here.

Til next time- Pino


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