Group A: Uruguay

Uruguay was best known for being a common hideout for international crime kingpin Carmen Sandiego during the mid-90s, but thanks to the geographic alacrity of a few ambitious sixth graders, the notorious fugitive was finally apprehended in the capital city of Montevideo.Since then, Uruguayans have gotten back to what they do best- being an obscure country which is commonly confused with neighboring Paraguay. When it comes to soccer however, they do have a strong pedigree and even won the World Cup in 1930 and 1950.

Nickname: La Celeste (“The Sky Blue”)…LAME. But if it’s any consolation, Celeste personal pizzas are scrumptious, and are available in your grocer’s freezer.

Best Player: Diego Forlan, Striker, Atletico Madrid.

Outlook: Like every other co-member of Group A, this is a team that has the talent to turn heads, yet it rarely does. In fact, Uruguay enters the World Cup as the only team that failed to have a winning record in qualifying, going 6-6-6 (the MARK OF THE BEAST!) and getting in by the skin of its teeth after a 2-1 aggregate victory in a playoff with Costa Rica. There are, however, some who believe that La Celeste could make noise in the Cup thanks to a skilled offense.The aforementioned Forlan is a proven scorer in Europe and can bury it from anywhere in the box.  Joining him are 24-year-old Ajax forward Luiz Suarez, 6’4″ striker Sebastian Abreu and Porto winger Cristian Rodriguez whose nickname is “The Onion”, presumably for his proficiency at crafting witty, satirical stories to entertain and distract the opposing team. Defensively, the team has a handful of talented players, yet their play often falls short of even the sum of its parts. The team’s primary Achilles Heel though is its lack of discipline. It’s proclivity for getting booked may well drive them to the bottom of Group A.

Most Famous Citizen: Umm…*scanning Wikipedia*…JOSE GERVASIO ARTIGAS! He led the fight for independence against Brazil and Portugal in the early 19th century!!

Uruguay's nonchalant, blanket-carrying leader.

Prediction: La Celeste could finish anywhere from first to last in this group. Teams must to be able to score goals in order to have success in this tournament, and the Uruguayans can do just that. Despite their struggles to qualify, I like Uruguay to turn a couple heads by beating out either France or Mexico for second place and make it to the round of 16.


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