New year, new format, new posts. is back in full effect. I’m excited. You know that scene in The Social Network when Zuckerberg launches Facebook for the first time? Well, this doesn’t really feel like that at all. But…still exciting. The goal is to keep this blog updated early and often, or at least as often as my ADD will allow before I get distracted by hysterical animal videos on YouTube.  I’m looking to do a few things with the blog. The first is obvious- to be entertaining and get people to waste time at work reading it for a few minutes a day. The second goal is to move it to its own site as opposed to the current format, which exudes a parents-basementy vibe. I’m hoping to get this site off the ground in 2011 and maybe, just maybe, parlay it into a writing position so that I can stop taking on more shitty jobs than Mike Rowe. The only thing that’s really delaying the domain move is the simple fact that I haven’t thought of a good name for it yet. Ideas are appreciated.

The third goal is to find out exactly what the hell I should consistently write about. A few ideas…I can keep the old format of sporadically writing about anything that comes into my head (Natural Disaster Power Rankings, huh Pete?). Or I can focus almost exclusively on a more specific genre, most likely sports, which would be easier to market than “A blog about shit that I think about”. Third, I’ve considered doing a daily A.M. post that would be a sort of condensed, lighter version of the news that people could read and hopefully afterward feel reasonably informed and entertained each morning. I see it as 3-5 quick posts on what’s going on in News, Sports, Entertainment etc, with links to corresponding articles from actual media outlets. It would also have some random features like a video of the day, what’s on TV that night, bizarre stories and whatever else seems appropriate, creative and constructive. The closest comparison I can think of would be the now-extinct Daily Quickie on’s Page 2.

I could also do a little of all three and see where that goes, which is probably what I’ll end up doing for now.  As for the immediate future, you can expect a few posts over the next few days as I try to get some momentum going and see if I can’t churn out 4-8 posts a day consistently.

Most importantly, feedback is much appreciated. Ideas for posts that you’d like to see, opinions on what direction to take with the blog, or any other questions, concerns, hopes or dreams would all be welcomed with open arms. If you’d rather e-mail me than comment below, you can find me at

Finally…a hysterical animal video. ADORABLE.


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